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About a week later I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, and again my friend Fotini (Just like in the Black Light Project) without much hesitation agreed to be my subject, while also bringing her own ideas and feelings into the project. So together we refined the final vision for the shoot, found a dress, decided for the rundown makeup look and found a location which was a forest area near the village Kazaviti, which had been evacuated during the fire and suffered some damage by it.

From there on everything was pretty strait forward. I wanted to keep it simple using only natural light  since the whole environment was already so surreal. So we drove to the location and  started shooting, it was an overcast day so the light was already really defused by itself, making it really as simple as having Fotini face in the general direction of the sun for a nice soft light on her. After a couple of hours and some minor rain we ware done and on our way back.

I really had a hard time sorting out the images since there ware so many interesting shots, but after that the post processing was again pretty simple, using curves and the HSL panel in order to get the most out of the RAW files and bring out the desolated and dark feeling of this surreal environment.

In spring I might do a follow up shoot to this one. Below you can see the images I selected and edited !
Thanks for the read !