Everyone familiar with my work knows that I like portraits, And Stratos does too!

So he reached out to the Baltic bees PR manager Laura from Latvia and the Pioneer team manager Silvia from Italy in order to get a quick portrait session into the pilots tight time schedule.
They happily agreed!

At this point, we have to thank Galaxy hotel, where the aircrews were staying, for making a space available for us our makeshift studio!

On the far right Stratos shooting portraits of the Baltic bees pilots with the Gear Olympus send him,
and to his left Arturs slosbergs, The Baltic Bees official one man film crew shooting BTS video.


I used 2 lights for this shoot, The key light was a canon 580exII with a radio trigger in an 80cm white&black umbrella to the subjects right, that way I got even and soft light on my subjects upper body. While the second light was a Yongnuo 600exrt in optical slave mode used as a kicker, this light did not have any modifier on it.

The camera & lens I used was my trusty Canon 5D MK1 with the nifty fifty (Canon 50mm 1.8).

Enjoy my images below!

Baltic Bees, Latvia

Pioneer Team , Italy


Special Thanks to


Left image:L to R. Alberto Biagetti, Sandro Nicosanti, ME, Silvia Rappo, Corrado Rusalen.
Right image:L to R. Aleksandr Zarins, Alessandro Scorrano, Igor Yudkin, Artyom Soloduha, Anatoly Perekriostov, Valery Sobolev & Stratos and Me in front.