Part two of my diary series

this time about my shoot with amazing Christina Chrisafi!

My vision for this shoot was golden light, Salty hair and a natural and beautiful model. Christina was perfect for this, she took a bit of convincing but eventually, she agreed!

The location we found was a little fishing hut on Thassos island, which offered a stunning view of the sunset and boats sitting in the small bay below (which when I think about it now I could have used for interesting images.. well next time!)

The gear I used was as always my Canon5D MK1 with the 50mm 1.8, Color grading was mostly done in Lightroom with only minimal retouching in PS.
I also used my Canon eos100 film camera with the Zenith Helios-44.  Actually, I wanted to use Kodak Gold 200 but left it at home… So luckily I found some Color Plus 200 in a local store, I will update this post with the film shots once I get them back from the lab!

Really enjoyed shooting with Christina, and I’m really satisfied with the results!


Thanks for reading! Enjoy the images below!