Part three of my diary series

Some images from my shoot with beautiful Veroniki Kalaitzi.

With Veroniki I was set on creating some classic monochrome portraits on a black backdrop, which I set up in a huge doorway at the location we chose to shoot at… as you can imagine huge doorways create some really beautiful, soft light for portraits! Try it!
Later we made good use of the day’s last light and shot some nice images at sunset and in the blue hour.

The location we used is kind of a “villa”, build in 1903 and abandoned since 1963, its called “Palataki” and is located on the south side of Thassos. I’ve shot there already a couple of times but there is always something new to try at a known location!

The gear I used was as always my Canon5D MK1 with the 50mm 1.8, Color grading was mostly done in Lightroom with only minimal retouching in PS.
I also used my Canon EOS100 film camera with the Zenith Helios-44.   Kodak Gold 200 was the film of choice.
I will update this post with the film shots once I get it developed!

Veroniki surprised me with how relaxed and natural she was in front of the camera since it was the first time she ever did a shoot! So respect and big thanks for shooting with me! 🙂


Thanks for reading! Enjoy the images below!