Working with horses!

Shooting some portraits with a horse actually was a friends idea, and of course, I asked myself how didn’t I ever think of it myself…

So I got in contact with Leonidas, The owner of  Thassos Horse Club who to my good look is a photographer himself and happily agreed to let me shoot at his stables! I had Already talked with Aglaia some time ago about doing a shoot, and this was the perfect opportunity, Fotini and Ioanna came along to assist.

Since Aglaia is blonde with light complections we chose to shoot with a white horse, and keep the clothes really simple and dark so they wouldn’t  draw any attention and make the picture to messy. While as always keeping the makeup to the bare minimum.

Time of day was an obvious choice, Golden and blue hour at sunset, although most of the golden hour we did spend on getting the horse to like us… TOP TIP, If you work with horses take a bag of carrots, or treats in general for animals you work with, you will thank me later!

And finally, the gear I used was as always my 5Dmk1 with the 50mm 1.8, while the BnW images are shot on Trix400 with my Eos100. In post-processing  I did most of the colorwork in Lightroom, while doing some little adjustments and retouching in photoshop.

Thanks for the read 🙂 , Enjoy the images below and tell me what you think!