Let’s start with sorry for not writing in so many days (months :-P), I’ve been really busy as some of you might have seen on my social channels!

The reason I’m here in Germany right now is that by a series of lucky incidence I got the opportunity to assist IVO von Renner, a well-known commercial photographer based in Hamburg (Check out his ART website, spoiler: worth it!).

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped doing my own work, actually quite the contrary! My weekends are spend shooting and my night’s editing and organizing.

I used the opportunity of being in a central (for photography and modeling)  city, to work with well-established model agencies like Modelwerk, M4, Kult, and others. Agencies like this always have new faces that need images or established models that need new ones, Test shoots are usually on TFP basis, but its a great exercise for photographer and model. Definitely recommended if you want to expand your portfolio.

I’ll make a post with tips on how to work with agencies soon!

For now, I’m trying to build a creative team in order to do a more organized editorial shoot, if interested drop me a mail! 🙂

below some of my recent testshoots.